Actionable Items

In the school environment, there are often items that need to be actioned by members of the school community.  These include absences explanations, excursion permissions, yearly information updates, administrative tasks etc. The Action Required box is located on the right of the home page and is a completely automated function. The system will recognise a variety of triggers that will automatically initiate an action required. When you click on the actionable item, Educonnex will guide you through the process necessary to complete the action.

For example, an excursion has been set for your child’s class that needs parental permission.

  1. An action will appear like so:
  1. Click on the link. It will tell show you any relevant information, and what to do next:
  1. Select the permission you wish to grant then click Save.  Should you wish to action the item at a later date, simply click Close and it will remain as an item requiring action.