SSO is cost negative for schools!

SSO has been calculated to save schools 400 hours every year.

The amount of time and money schools are having to waste checking selections, following up students, printing off handbooks and chasing up incomplete selections all builds up quickly. That’s why SSO has been carefully crafted to solve the nuances that other selection processes just cant handle.

Get more out of SSO by utilising it for any data collecting opportunities at your school

  • Subject Selections
  • Student Leadership Elections
  • School Community Surveys
  • Extra Curricular Choices
  • Student Pathways/SET Plan
  • Annual Teacher Preferences

All in the one place

2024 Subscription

  • Initial set up fee: $1950.00

All prices exclude GST

Just a Few of the Perks

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Capacity Management

  • Live Selection Validations

  • Multi-Level Rules

  • Parent Validations

  • Pre-Requisites

  • Pre-Requisite Overrides
  • Run Multiple Events at Once

  • Training & Support