Sending a Communication to the Guardians of Students

This is the ability to be able to send a message to parents/guardians of a given group of students. The parents can choose their preference of receipt of these messages (SMS, email or push notification).
To send a communication to the guardian of a student: 

  1. Go to Menu > School Community > Search students.
  1. Enter a student’s name into the Search Students Box OR click the down arrow for advanced search options.

Should you desire a group of students that span a number of year levels, you will need to choose each of the year levels and the choose each individual from the list.

  1. Click the Search icon. 

Students who match selected search criteria will now appear.

  1. To select a student, tick the checkbox located in the top right corner of their card. This checkbox will only become visible when hovering over their card. 

Below shows a screenshot of the cursor hovered over Simone Abdou’s student card. Notice the checkbox is now visible.

If all students in a search result are to be included you DO NOT have to tick the checkboxes. Proceed straight to step 5.
After clicking Action the label will appear as Contact Selected

If the majority of students in a search result are to be included tick the checkbox Select All, located towards the top right corner of the screen. To remove the students not to be included, un-tick their checkbox after hovering over their student card.

Multiple pages of search results may exist. Don’t forget to consider students on all pages.

  1. Once desired students have been select, click Actions > Contact Selected.

A new data entry field will appear:

  1. Enter information into the data entry fields.

Below is a description of each field:

Communication TypeThe communication type for this function is Guardian.
From Email AddressThis will provide all the email addresses that are connected to the user’s profile. Choose the most appropriate email to be the “From” email.
Custom LabelThis is a label that you can put on this particular communication. It is optional. It is helpful if you are going to be running a number of communications and you need to distinguish between them. They are not system generated. You choose your own label
  1. Click Save.

The system will now automate a draft of recipients.  

Once completed this screen will appear:

You are now able to amend your message in the following ways:

  • Add recipients
  • Remove recipients
  • Change the view of your list 
  • Change the options of your message (Edit Communication Type,  Revert Subject and Message)
  • Change the body of your message 
  • Deactivate the message as it is no longer needed