Sending a Communication for Unknown Absences

This is the ability to be able to send a message to parents/guardians regarding an unknown absence. Parents and Guardians can choose their receipt preference of these messages (SMS, email or push notifications) depending on the channel(s) set on the communication Type. 
To send a communication for unknown absences:

  1. Go to Menu > Attendance > Unknown Absences.
    A new screen will appear.

Make sure you have the correct date chosen. If you need to choose a different date click on the little arrow next to the displayed date for calendar options.

  1. Click Actions > Notify Guardians.

A new data entry field will appear.

  1. Enter information into the data entry fields. Below is a description of the fields:
Communication TypeChoose the Communication Type that has been set up for Unknown Absences. If it is not available from the drop-down then you will need to check and see that there has been a Type set up as Unknown Absences
Custom LabelThis is a label that you can put on this particular communication. It is optional. It is helpful if you are going to be running a number of communications and you need to distinguish between them. They are not system generated. You choose your own label.
  1. Click Save

The system will now automate a draft of recipients and the message to be sent.  

Once completed this screen will appear:

You are now able to amend your message in the following ways:

  • Add recipients
  • Remove recipients
  • Change the view of your list 
  • Change the options of your message (Edit Communication Type, Revert Subject and Message)
  • Change the body of your message 
  • Deactivate the message as it is no longer needed.