Report Labels and Signs

At the bottom of each report card you will see a few signs that allow you to make changes to that reference.

By clicking the Emergency Reports button the report will appear in the list of urgent reports. And will be available under the same sign in the right corner of the page.

This button allows you to edit report filters.

By clicking this button, you have the opportunity to change the name and description of the report, select the category, specify whether you want the report to appear in the list of favourites, be visible only to you or to everyone. How can you choose the roles only for which the report is available?

This button restricts access to this report to other members of the community.

This mark takes the report to the Favourites list.

You can see the letters on the right side of each reference.

R-Report- this letter means that this report has predefined format and its filters cannot be edited.

E-Extract- this letter means that this report cannot be edited.

AD- Ad Hoc- these letters mean that this report has been created in the system and it can be edited.