Recurring Events

Go to Menu → Create New Calendar Event.

A recurring calendar event must be created as a brand new event. Participants for each calendar event need to be added separately for each recurrence.

Complete the details as outlined in Creating a New Calendar Event, but do not click Save.

Click the ‘Recurring calendar event’ checkbox. 

Once this is ticked, a new section will appear directly below, called ‘Recurrence Settings’.

Recurrence Types and Patterns

  • Daily – for events that run on consecutive days, with a pattern that includes/excludes weekend days.
  • Weekly – for events that recur on a specific day or days of the week (for example, with a pattern like Mondays and Wednesdays)
  • Monthly – Two options:
    • A specific date of each month, as a number (e.g. 23rd should be entered as ’23’)
  • A variable date, but a fixed day/s in the month, like the second Thursday of every month.


For all three Recurrence types, there are two options:

  • End after ____ occurances – means that the calendar event will generate after the specified number of calendar events. The calculation of this includes the first entry, even if it doesn’t the match Pattern that you’ve entered.
  • End by – means that it will keep repeating with the pattern details, until the date you’ve chosen.

You can set repeats up to 12 months from the date of the new calendar event that you’re creating.

Finalising Each Event

Once you’ve filled in all details of the new calendar event being created, click Save in either of the right corners of the page. This will generate the set of calendar events. 
As with a single event, you can then start[ Adding Community Members to a Calendar Event to each event. The participants are isolated to each individual event that has been created, as participants can potentially change for each of these.
When the event is ready to be released to the participants, follow the instructions for Activating an Event.
Go to Menu → Search Calendar Events and type in the name of the event, you’ll be able to see each of the entries you have created using the recurring functionality.