My Communications

This is where you can see all the information about the communications that you have set up to be sent or have actually sent. You will be able to see all the details for each communication relating to who it was sent to, when it was sent and the contents of the message. You will also be able to see any errors that may have occurred during the processing of the messages.
To access your communications:

  1. Go to Menu > Communications > My Communications.
    A new screen will appear. 

By clicking the various tabs can view the respective documents. 

DraftsCommunication Messages which have been initiated but not yet sent. This shows you the date of creation, type and status.
Sent ItemsCommunication Messages which have been sent. This shows you the date of creation, type and status.
You will be able to check the email addresses or the mobile numbers used to send the communication and any reasons why a message was not able to be sent.
MessagesAny issues in sending message will be shown here. Messages that were unable to be sent due to incorrect contact details can be re-sent after details have been corrected by clicking the options button and selecting one of the regenerate options. Under this tab you can filter your messages in the following ways: a. Channel of communication b. Message acknowledgement  c. Message status

Where no communications have been initiated a screen similar to this will appear:

To create a new communication select the Click here link.