How to Mark a Class Roll

To mark a class roll

  1. Go to Menu > Attendance > Today’s Classes.
  2. Search for the class name. Student cards will appear in the right column.
  1. Mark role according to the following options:
    1. individually 
Single click (on individual)
Marked as present, appears green
Double-click(on individual)Marked as absent, appears red
  1. collectively
    1. Click Mark All as Present
    2. Click Mark All as Absent

Once students have collectively been marked present or absent, you can click on individual students to change their status of attendance.

  1. Click Save

A confirmation message will appear concerning which community member has marked the roll. 

  1. Select the appropriate option, then click It’s Correct.

Once the attendance is marked, for a class, there are two ways that this will be displayed. 

In the Today’s Classes page, the class will have the    tag next to it (remember to tick ‘Attendance Marked’ and click Search) to see these:

It will also show up for the classroom teacher their diary for the day, which appears in the top left of their dashboard (the main page):