Generating a Communication

To generate a message

  1. Click Generate Messages.
    A confirmation message will appear.

At this point you have a choice to either

  • Send the message directly to recipients  or
  • Generate the message but NOT SEND. This allows you to prepare a message ahead of the time you wish to send it, perform other tasks, then come back and send the message when you are ready. Messages that have been generated but not yet sent can be found in My Communications (Menu > Communications > My Communications).
  1. If you wish to send the message directly to recipients, tick the checkbox Send Message Now. If you wish to generate the message but not send, leave this box unticked.
  1. Click Generate Messages.

The system will now display its progress of generating the messages.

This is then displayed in list form. From this screen you can Deactivate or Edit the Message or Revert back to the Draft Message. To do any of these actions click the relevant button in top right of the screen.

You can click on any recipient at this point to change their contact information.

  1. Click Send Messages.