Event Attendance

If the calendar event has been set up to require event marking, a roll will have been generated to be marked by any of the nominated organisers or leaders. 
The roll can be accessed via the organisers/leaders home page calendar display. 

To mark the roll: 

  1. Click the event in the calendar display. A new screen will appear.
  1. Click Check Icon.

A new screen will appear.

  1. Mark the roll according to the following options:

a. individually 

Double click(on individual)Marked as absent, appears red
Single click (on individual)Marked as present, appears green

b. collectively

Click Mark All as Present 


Click Mark All as Absent

Once students have collectively been marked present or absent, you can click on individual students to change their status of attendance.

  1. Select who is marking the roll and edit the date/time marked if applicable.
  1. Click Save.

Roll Marking can also be accessed by:

  1. Going to Menu > Calendar Events > Search Calendar Events.
  2. Search and select desired event.
  3. Click the Attendance icon.