Emergency Reports

The Emergency Reports toggle allows users to quickly access reports designated as Emergency Reports 

To allow a report to run as an Emergency report

  1. Go to Menu > Reports
  2. Search for the report you wish to add to the Emergency Reports module (we recommend using the Evacuation Report)
  3. Click the Emergency Report icon
  1. Ensure the Emergency checkbox is selected and, if using the Quick Run functionality, set the appropriate parameters
  1. Save the changes.

The report will now display in the Emergency Reports list for all users.

The Quick Run option allows you to set default parameters for the report so users can quickly run the report without needing to set their own. Users wanting to run the report with the default parameters should click the download icon. Users wanting to change the report parameters can click the report name to navigate to the reports screen to select their own parameters. All users with access to run reports will see the Emergency Report icon on their header bar. Reports added to the Emergency Reports list will be available to all users with the Emergency Report icon.