Creating a Timetable

In this lesson you will learn how to create a timetable in Educonnex system.

  1. Go to Menu→Curriculum Management→Timetable→Manage Timetables.
  2. Select Actions→ New Timetable.

A new screen will appear.

  1. Complete the data entry fields. Below is a description of each:
NameGive the timetable a name that will be easy to identify for search purposes.
VersionA version will be automatically set if the timetable is copied from an existing timetable.
DescriptionA field that gives you the option to describe your timetable.
CampusSelect the campus to which the timetable belongs.
Duration TypeHow long will this timetable be valid- Full year, Single Semester or a Term.
YearThe school year that the timetable is running for (the classes available to be added to the timetable are also determined but the selected year. For instance, a new timetable that has been created for 2017 will not be able to have 2016 classes added for it. Please note, if cloning a timetable from e previous year, you must ensure that all classes that had been added from the previous year are removed prior to activating).
Year LevelsSelect the year groups for which the timetable is being created. You can choose one or many.
Attendance Calculation Method This determines how government attendance ( attendance that is reported to the government) will be calculated for timetable classes in this specific timetable.
Attended Periods: Calculates the number of periods which the student attended where the roll is marked, compared to the number the student should have attended to calculate the final attendance percentage.
Time at School: Calculates the amount of time the student spends at school compared with the amount of time they should be. If a student is registered as arriving late or departing early then the amount of time outside the school will affect the calculated attendance percentage.
  1. Click Save.