The branding area of Educonnex allows a school administrator to set the look and feel of the login page. 

To access branding and edit Logos & Colours, the Login page or Login Page links:

  1. Go to Menu > Administration > Branding. A new screen will appear.
  1. Click Edit.
  1. Make necessary changes. Descriptions of each field are shown below. 
  2. Click Save.

Logos & Colours

LogoYour school logo displays on the login page of Educonnex. This logo can be changed by contacting Educonnex Support. 
ColoursThe primary colour is the colour that will show on the login button of Educonnex and highlight data entry fields. School administrators can set the primary colour for Educonnex.

Login Page

TitleThe title of your schools Educonnex system. This is displayed beneath the school logo.
IntroductionThe introduction of your schools Educonnex system. This is displayed beneath the title.
Background ImageThe image displayed on the background of your login page. This can be updated by contacting Educonnex Support.

Login Page Links

You can set links to other websites (such as your school website) to appear on the login page of your Educonnex system. These will appear at the foot of the page with the Terms of Service. 

To add a link

  1. In editing mode, click New Link. A new screen will appear.
  1. Complete Fields.
NameThe name displayed for the link on the Login page
URLThe web address of the linked page
  1. To reorder how links appear use the up and down arrows. To remove links click the trash icon.


The option to have a currency symbol appear next to costs that appear throughout Educonnex can be toggled from this page:

When adding the URL ensure ‘https://’ is included at the beginning of the address.