Amending a Communication

Having created a communication (general or unknown absence) you are now able to amend your message in the following ways:

  • Add Recipients
  • Remove recipients
  • Change the view of your list 
  • Change the options of your message (Edit Communication Type,  Revert Subject and Message)
  • Change the body of your message 
  • Deactivate the message as it is no longer needed

Recipients can be added:

  • Individually
  • Collectively

To add recipients Individually:

  1. Search and select Individual recipients using the Search Bar tool.

To add recipients collectively

  1. Click Add Multiple.

A new screen will appear.

  1. Enter relevant information into data entry fields.

Switch between searching for community members, students and staff members by clicking on the respective tabs in the top of the message bar.

  1. Click Search

If you wish for only some recipients in the search results to be sent the message, individually untick unwanted recipients.

  1. Once recipients are confirmed, click Select x People. 

To remove recipients:

  1. Search the recipients name in the bar.
  2. Click the x beside their name.

To change the view of your list:

  1. Click View.
  1. Select Table View or Grid View from the drop-down.

Your Message Draft will appear as the message set in Configuration. 

To Change the Options of your message

  1. Click Options.
  1. Select Edit Communication Details  or Revert Subject and Message.
Edit Communication DetailsChanges communication type i.e. channel of communication through which the message will be received
Revert Subject and MessageReverts the subject and message back to their defaults for communication type: Unknown Absence SMS (For this example)
  1. Edit Accordingly.
  2. Click Save/Revert.

To change the body of your message

  1. Click inside the text box for the body of the message.
  2. Edit.

To deactivate the message as it is no longer needed

  1. Click Deactivate