Adding Community Members to a Calendar Event

Roles for Community Members in a calendar event

There are 3 roles that can be assigned for a community member who is added to an event:

Event RoleAdministrative Access Available
OrganiserCan modify event information, mark attendance, deactivate, and cancel an event.
LeaderCan edit the details of the event, and mark attendance.
ParticipantHas no administrative access to the event.

These event roles run separately to the users’ roles within Educonnex.

To Add Participants

Select the  Community Members button. The user who created the event will be listed as the default organiser. 

Adding a single participant:

  1. Click Add Single.  A new screen will appear.
  1. Enter the name of the Community Member you wish to add, and assign the appropriate role for the event
  2. Complete required information.
  3. Click Save.

Adding multiple participants

  1. Click Add Multiple. A new screen will appear.
  1. Click Student tab.
  1. Set the search parameters to find the students you wish to add.
  1. Click Search.
  1. Check the list to ensure all required students have been included.
    Students can be removed by unticking the checkbox on their card.
  2. Click Select x people.
  3. Set the role, permission and payment requirements for the participants you are adding.
  1. Click Save